Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chocolate chip cookie cups!

As its the summer holidays I was trying to think of new things to make for the children and these are what I came up with.

Its a basic soft cookie dough recipe and you still roll into balls as you would do with a tray  but you use a muffin tin instead then use a pastry bodger to shape the cup, if you push it down in the centre of the cookie ball, the dough slides up the sides and makes an indent in the centre, you bake for around 20 mins and leave to cool in the tins.  Once cool you slide them out and place on a cooling rack.

I made peanut butter filling for them which consists of smooth peanut butter, butter, icing sugar and milk.

Then all you do is pipe a blob into each cup and scatter with chocolate chips, they would also work with set chocolate ganache which you could scoop with an icecream scoop into the centre.

Cookie dough recipe made 22 of these from:

8oz butter
8oz soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1 llb self raising flour

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Gloria said...

Love these too! xxgloria