Saturday, 30 July 2011

Old Fashioned Pop!

When I was asked to sample some traditional style drinks and write about them on my blog I agreed because even though I've been approached many times, I can't just write about any old thing just because its been given to me, it has to have some sort of connection otherwise I would be nothing more than a lab tester and it wouldn't feel right.

I have lovely memories of old fashioned pop which came in glass bottles and if you took the bottle back to the shop you got 10p in return.  My Mom and Dad owned a shop which would have been classed as a general store a bit like Open all Hours, they sold all sorts of flavoured pop and one of my favourites was cream soda, this soda was bright pink a bit like the mouth wash you once got at the dentists but without the fright.

Everyone of these Ben Shaws old fashioned cans of pop tastes authentic and all the family loved them, the  one that I didn't think would be popular was shandy but my hubs loved it and said it really did taste like a flavour from the past.

The only downside to all this is that since we have sampled the lovely cream soda which I also used in a cake topping and the cloudy lemonade and the aniseedy dandelion and burdock, we cannot get them in any shops locally, I'm hoping they will appear sometime soon.

If you can find them near you and you want a real flavoured drink to quench your thirst then give them a try.

Ben Shaws have been going for 140 years, and in the beginning the pop was transported by shire horses, which was later replaced by a pop van.

They have also been asking people to vote on their favourite flavour, this is quite hard for me as I love both cream soda and dandelion  and burdock but I think by a slight margin it was dandelion just.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Vi, it got me reminiscing. Growing up we had a local pop company called Marsh's and their most popular drink was Marsh's Sass - still talked about today in the North West. I've never had a sarsaparilla as good.

Francesca xxx's